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    You, do you like the movie? What's going on with your animation? 'Future Boy Conan from childhood was truly inspiring and affectionate adults and then, impressively, this' The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'.
    I have many fond memories for the animation.
    Jaepaenimeyisyeon Iran, Japan (Japan) and animation (Animation) is a compound word. The term began to be introduced on the west coast of the United States, has been in use since.
    Japanese Anime Astro Boy first introduced as 'Japanese animation' refers to words starting in Hawaii, are spread all over the world.
    Is directed by Osamu Tezuka jaepaenimeyisyeon founders ... Have been directed by Tezuka in 1963 for publishing cartoons [Astro Boy] attempt to move the TV.
    Following the Atom gained a large popular animations first color TV in 1965 [Leo] the prince of the jungle again gaining popularity Tezuka supervision led to the heyday of the jaepaenimeyisyeon went
    [Mazinger Z], [Galaxy Express 999] with works such as Tezuka director of fame was followed since new jaepaenimeyisyeon director begins to emerge.
    My find sammanri] [Mom's animation director, cutting Dhaka is two hundred forty-five new to make a name for themselves began,
    Directed by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by co-director Dhaka is two hundred forty-five [] Future Boy Conan is still hugely popular.
    Miyazaki, the director, especially animation transferred oversight of the work to build the world as a theater as well as commercially achieved great success.
    Miyazaki supervised draw warm human society, unlike the late 1980s, has evolved in various directions from jaepaenimeyisyeon.
    ] [Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii, director Hideaki Anno's Neon Genesis Evangelion, the emergence of cyberpunk animation was also very popular worldwide, dragging
    Have established itself as part of the jaepaenimeyisyeon cyberpunk animation.
    Atom Mazinger Z animation seen in childhood or most surprised to know Japanese animation that never was.
    Steadily from anywhere in the world of Japanese animation is loved, which can impact the world jaepaenimeyisyeon might be sympathy gaining universality means that
    Chest warms director Hayao Miyazaki's movies today is the day you want to see. Shift
    You, jaepaenimeyisyeon On the other hand, how are you?

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