Annoy Toy Chalkboard App

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    Annoy Toy - Most Annoying Chalk Board Mobile App for Nexus 7 and Other Tablets.

    Introducing the most Annoying ChalkBoard Application you could have ever imagined for Android Phones and Android Tablets, that puts the power of being able to Annoy anyone and everyone in the Palm of your hand.

    Ever want to get someones attention Fast?

    Have you just wanted to amuse yourself when you are board?

    How would you like torture others in the most annoying way possible?

    Wouldn't it be great to get a little revenge?

    How would you like to drive others crazy just for the fun of it?

    Now You Can!

    What is Annoy Toy Chalkboard?

    This is by far the most annoying application you will come across and you hold the keys to driving folks crazy with this app.

    This hilarious yet powerful app is loaded with 4 of the most annoying sounds known to man or woman.

    We have researched and tested different sounds and found the best of the best for Annoying Anyone Fast.

    Here is how it works...

    You choose one of the four buttons on the screen:

    (1): Nails Against the Chalkboard - This one speaks for itself.

    (2): The Mosquito - A somewhat silent yet powerfully ear shattering sound that sends them running for cover.

    (3): Teeth Grinder - They will not be able to ignore this finger squeezing sound.

    (4): Balloon Bomb - This sound will literally make there hair stand up.

    Once you have chosen one of the 4 Annoy Buttons your mobile device and armed and ready to fire.

    Simply Swipe your finger across the screen to begging the torture on your unexpected target...

    That alone would leave anyone running for cover, but we wanted to add even more to this already Annoying App and so we did.

    We have loaded this app with dozens and dozens of tips, tricks, techniques that will make you the most Annoying Person on the planet.

    By simply clicking on the Shock Man Button you will open the vault and reveal one of dozens of Annoying things that you can do to amuse your evil self.

    These are not just some cheesy tips and tricks, NO these are time tested and proven to annoy people with Super Ease.


    Whether you are in the mood to just have a little fun, clear a seat for yourself in the park, get a little revenge on people that are getting on your nerves, or if you are just board and want to spice up your day this App is it...

    So what are you waiting for?

    Get the Most Annoying Chalkboard App for Nexus 7 and Other Tablets, Now before someone else gets it and annoys you with it...

    You will never leave home with out it.... (:

    Just think...

    You could be minutes away from turning your boring phone or tablet into The Most Annoying Device on the Planet and FOR LESS THAN A VALUE MEAL AT McDonalds.

    Act now before introductory offer is over and price goes up and heck, take it to McDonalds to Annoy Everyone in the place!

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