AuctionMax Auto Auction




    View AuctionMax Auto Auction's vehicle run list on your Android device, including an image preview if there is an image of the car/truck/suv/van on file. Currently displaying the run list for each lane at the auction. Select a specific vehicle for more information, including an image if one is available.

    With the "Make an offer" feature, you can offer to buy a quality car / truck / suv / van / motorcycle or boat through the auction!

    Typical auction sale will have around 125 vehicles up for sale. AuctionMax sales cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, boats and pretty much anything else related.

    Most vehicles are available for pre-sale so if you find a vehicle you are interested in simply call 855-244-2828 and make an offer to buy it now!

    AuctionMax is Atlanta's Premiere auto auction with public sales Wednesday and Friday nights.

    By downloading you are agreeing that this application is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Current version of the application will display run list for the most recent sale date only.

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