Awakened Cute Cat at Home




    Some warm feeling of cosines enriches your heart any time you look at it.
    Purring sounds available. Amazingly blue eyes!

    Looking at this cute home cat you can’t help petting it.
    The cat seems to be sleepy and relaxed, but still it is on duty,
    ready to jump up any moment and fight the unknown enemy.

    Amazingly blue eyes! They are also on watch.
    Looking at this cat you want to touch it on the back and to feel
    how incredibly soft and warm its fur is.

    Some warm feeling of cosines enriches your heart any time you look at it.

    Tonkinese are a domestic cat breed produced by crossbreeding between the Siamese and Burmese.
    They share many of their parents' distinctively lively,
    playful personality traits and are similarly distinguished by a pointed coat pattern in a variety of colors.

    Tonkinese are a medium-sized cat,
    considered an intermediate type between the slender,
    long-bodied modern Siamese and British Burmese and the more "cobby",
    or substantially-built American Burmese.

    Like their Burmese ancestors, they are deceptively muscular and typically seem much heavier than expected when picked up.
    Tail and legs are slim but proportionate to the body, with distinctive oval paws.
    They have a gently rounded, slightly wedge-shaped head and blunted muzzle,
    with moderately almond-shaped eyes and ears set towards the outside of their head.

    Coat and color:
    Counter-clockwise from top: blue point, platinum mink and champagne mink
    Natural mink, showing signature aquamarine eyes.

    Tonkinese are currently officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in four base colors: natural (a medium brown),
    champagne (a paler buff-beige), blue and platinum.
    Some European associations also accept red, cream, caramel, apricot and tortoiseshell.

    Each of these colours is in turn divided into three types of coat pattern: "point", the classic Siamese-style dark face,
    ears, legs and tail on a contrasting white or cream base, and blue eyes;
    "solid", similar to the Burmese, in which the color is essentially uniform over the body with only faintly visible points and gold or green eyes;
    and "mink", a unique intermediate between the other two, in which the base is a lighter shade but still harmonious with the point colour,
    and the eyes are a lighter blue-green, called aquamarine.
    Owing to the comparatively recent development of the breed there is still some acceptable variation in these colors and patterns.

    Like both parent breeds, Tonkinese are intelligent, active, vocal and generally people-oriented cats,
    playful and interested in everything going on around them;
    however, this also means they are easily susceptible to becoming lonesome or bored.
    Their voice is similar in tone to the Burmese, persistent but softer and sweeter than the Siamese, similar to the gentle quacking of a duck.
    Like Burmese, Tonkinese are reputed to sometimes engage in such dog-like behaviors as fetching, and to enjoy jumping to great heights.

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