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    Have you ever be a soldier? Do you have the experience of fighting in battle? Now let's have a war! In real life, we have no chance to drive a fighter, tank and other big weapons that used on war. Now we can have a battle on our own mobile phone. In the game you can drive any weapon that only can be seen in great battle! Battle War is a totally free game for all android users. There are three main weapons in the game. They are fighter, battleship and tank. You can play any one you love most with this free battle game! The most great thing is, every weapon has tens of models in it. And it is classified by country! That is to say, we prepared all types of four counties. As long as the country has the weapon type, you can find homologous model in our game! We offer you the weapon type of America, China, Brian and Soviet Union. The four country is the most powerful country and have the most wonderful weapon in the world!
    1.Offer you the weapon of tank, fighter and battleship.
    2.Choose weapon type from four countries: China, America, Soviet Union and Britain.
    3.Every country offer you a list about the weapon type they created.
    4.When you start the game, you can see the weapon running/flying pass the screen. After the weapon passed, you can see a icon about the weapon in a overlooking view. Press the volume button to fire bomb. You can see the bomb fore out and explode with a picture.
    5.Search the highest score mad in this weapon type. The app will record and refresh the highest score automatically.
    6.If you do not know the information about the weapon type, you can press weapon button to search. It will take you to a page in Wikipedia. In other words it is a link to wiki. You need not input any words and you can see all information in wiki.
    7.Do not know how to manage the game? Do not worry about it. You can press tutorial button to get a help about how to play the game and what to do can get a higher score.
    8.Whenever what page you are in, there are four buttons to help you manage the free battle game:
    -Back button help you back to previous page.
    -Home button take you to home or opening page directly.
    -If you want to more about the game, you can press game button on the bottom to know the news.
    -Supply button: If you think it is good, please do not forget offer us 5 stars to encourage us or introduce this free game to your family members or friends. If you think there are some place still need developed, please tell us your suggestions too. You can do these with supply button.

    Please do not forget open volume button of your mobile. You can hear the weapon sound and the sound of shooting. All of the sound can make the game more realistic!
    Now let's have a battle and experience the exciting feeling about taking part in a war. You will love it after the game. And it help you hand your mobile better after the game. Download it now! It will not let you down!

    War is an organized, armed, and usually a prolonged conflict that is carried on between states and nations, or other parties typified by extreme aggression, social disruption, and usually high mortality.War might be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities and therefore it is defined as a form of political violence. The set of techniques used by a group to carry out war was known as warfare. An absence of war (and other violence) is often called peace.

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