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    Bead Pusher is a simple Android application that allows you to track points for your all of you card and board game needs. It acts as a counter to track everything from life points to victory points!

    The in-app editor allows you to customize point tracks for different attributes of the games you play. If you are a Magic:The Gathering player, you can easily track life points and poison counters. If you play Mage Wars, you can easily track life points, mana points, and channeling points. If you are Dungeon Command player, you can track your leader's Morale and Leadership attributes. You can track points in a traditional card game like Whist or create a field for tracking called bingo numbers for those home bingo games!

    Quickly and easily manage several different configurations for all of the games that YOU play!

    Lose the scratch paper and start using Bead Pusher!

    Permissions explained:
    - Internet & Access network state: this app is ad-supported and requires Internet access.

    KNOWN ISSUE: If you are using Swype or similar virtual keyboard, you may encounter problems with text entry in some fields. Workaround is to enter a space between characters or switch back to the stock Android keyboard. Sorry!

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