Best Machine Gun




    Welcome to the world of the „Best Machine Gun”. This simulator allows you to shoot with guns, weapons, firearms like: handguns, shotguns, rifles, pistols, machine guns. Read about your favorite guns and weapons. In Best Gun you will find a lot of sounds of shots from various types of firearms like:

    M16 Rifle, Minigun, HK G3 Machine Gun, Beretta AR70, MAC 10, Besa Machine Gun, Heckler Koch MP5, UZI,

    • Realistic fire and sounds
    • Customizable gun walls
    • Detailed graphic, looks like real gun
    • Information about each gun, firearm and weapon
    • Turn on/ turn off the music
    • Hold guns menu
    • Turn off vibrations
    • Authentic weapon Mechanics
    • Detailed Full HD Graphics
    • Reload animations
    • Authentic sound recordings for all actions
    • Bullets animation
    • Unlimited ammunition

    Tap and hold on the screen to play the sound of the shot. To reload - just shake the phone or swype. To change the gun/firearm, read about your favorite – click the arrows.

    Try this game and have a lot of fun with your friends! If you want to play war with your friends or just want to scare someone, then this collection of gun sounds for you!

    Please rate, review and join us!

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