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    Best looking and most complete BF3 stats app on the market!
    Designed for both phones and tablets. Stats and images are provided by No login required.
    NB! This is not an official app!

    Buy Premium version to get rid of ads, unlocked dogtags and option to change tabs order and disable individual tabs.

    You can:
    - View dogtags
    - View global scores and stats
    - View upcoming unlocks
    - View kits, weapons, vehicles with stats and unlocks
    - View assignments with progress
    - View ribbons, medals (with progression towards next medals)
    - View equipments with stats
    - View rankings
    - Side-by-side player comparison
    - Add multiple players with ease
    - Add multiple widgets to home screen (one for each of your friends if you like).
    - Change language through settings (multiple localization supported)

    NB1! Images will be downloaded the first time they are needed. You may experience some delay before they are shown the first time.
    NB2! Use player name, not origin id! (some other Battlefield 3 apps uses origin id)
    NB3! Storing the app on SD-card will disabled the widget and the donation key might not work.

    android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS is needed for the coupon system. It uses your gmail address to verify coupon ownership.

    Translated to Arabic by Neoroify
    Translated to German by Max Weitze
    Translated to French by j4ck_number, Snake076
    Translated to Russian by skat.redfield, Дядюшка ЧЕ
    Translated to Dutch by MattNick13
    Translated to Spanish by Luciano Mostaccio
    Translated to Japanese by YUKImh
    Translated to Hungarian by Bethlen Dávid
    Translated to Korean by 조현재
    Translated to Norwegian and Swedish by Luggruff
    Translated to Italian by NemesEyes
    Translated to Polish by Piotr Front
    Translated to Brasilian-Portugese by Eduardo Villani
    Translated to Turkish by FuBi75
    Translated to Danish by Mads E.
    Translated to Chinese by Will Zhao
    Translated to Finnish by miika.kirves
    Translated to Greek by Petros Zapee

    Thanks to the guys at for providing free of use API :)

    This app was not created or endorsed by EA/DICE. All images are owned by their respective owners, and Battlefield and Battlelog are registered trademarks of EA Digital Illusions CE AB. The stats and images are provided by

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