Binoculars Camera Zoomer

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    Binoculars Camera Zoomer

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    Free Binoculars

    - 50.0x zoom
    - Save your zoomed images
    - Maximize your device camera zoom option
    - Flash Light turn on/off

    Enjoy the 50x magnification for free!

    Have you ever wanted to see something from the distance?
    There is no need to care big binoculars if you have android device, you can make your phone zoom like binoculars.
    We implement algorithms that will make your normal zoom act like super-zoom tool. There is no limitations on this version, you can zoom up to 50.0x.
    The zoom is dependent of your hardware manufacturer.

    Easily super-zoom your camera and take photos. You going to love your camera.

    After taking photos you can check out easily what you captured.
    You can also long press to fast zoom in or fast zoom out on the zoom in/out buttons.

    Saving zoomed photos to SD card have never been easier.
    Having ability to zoom in your hands.
    We have the solution for you for zooming objects, use it anytime when you want to see something closer.

    the magnification effect will be depend on your camera hardware the higher the megapixels on your camera, the better the binocular effect will have.
    If the camera on your phone is bad, then binoculars will probably will not be shiny too.

    With this binoculars of your choice to view distant objects and zoom in on them.
    This works so great that you might wonder why it is not named as a Telescope. Viewing something at a long distance it is no problem anymore.
    Now you can see everything far away, in the palm of your hands.

    enjoy your spy and and do not forget to save the photos.