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    The long-awaited Bisei-tokei Android version has been released. It is a collaboration of the wildly successful popular voice actors and Bijin-tokei!

    Many detailed functions were added to popular functions like setting ring alarm tones while in sleep mode, turning the visual and/or sound settings on or off, making this new Android version’s applications even more useful.

    Visuals are readjusted to fit a high-resolution display so you can enjoy Bisei-tokei with high quality pictures.

    With Bisei-tokei, you can set time signals for every minute with the actor’s voice, and also set dialogue time signals for every 15 minutes. The voice actor’s photo, all of which were originally shot for this function, is displayed every minute. You can see 1,440 different voice actors’ photos and listen to their voices every 24 hours.

    One of the unique features of Bisei-tokei is that each voice actor portrays 2 different characters and you’ll notice how each character changes her voice from morning to evening. Also included are 24 alarm tones of each voice actor.

    Application total capacity:254MB

    *Ai Nonaka
    Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica as Kyouko Sakura

    *Yui Kano
    Gosick as Cecile Lafitte

    *Akemi Kanda
    Maria†Holic Alive as Nanami Kiri

    *Ryo Hirohashi
    Working!! as Aoi Yamada

    *Masumi Asano
    Giant Killing as Yuri Nagata

    *Tomoko Kaneda
    Azumanga Daioh as Chiyo Mihama

    *Satomi Sato
    K-On! as Ritsu Tainaka

    *Houko Kuwashima
    HeartCatch PreCure! as Itsuki Myodoin

    *Mai Aizawa
    Nichijou as Mio Naganohara

    *Yuka Saito
    Seitokai no Ichizon as Chizuru Akaba

    *Ryoko Shiraishi
    Hayate the Combat Butler as Hayate Ayasaki

    *Kanae Ito
    Hanasaku Iroha as Ohana Matsumae

    Automatic photo reload
    A new photo displays automatically every minute.

    Digital clock
    Tap on the top of the photo to display the present time.

    Double tap on the photo to zoom in and out.

    Download artist’s photos
    You can keep your favorite photos in your library.

    Time signals
    The voice actors tell you the time every minute. Dialogue time signals for every 10 minutes are also available.

    Repeat play
    Push PLAY to repeat time signals.

    Set the alarm anytime.
    Turn the alarm on or off in sleep mode.
    You can choose from 24 alarm choices.

    All rights including pictures and sounds in this applications reserved by ZERO ONE ENTERTAINMENT Co. Ltd. Personal use only.

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