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    "Blog readers chasing pink clover Z" is an app update chase the pink Z Blog of a key member of the clover. You can verify that the Blog of the members has been updated by using it frequently If you're a fan of pink clover Z.
    You can read the article as it is if you click on the title of Blog Blog has been updated.

    Members included
    (Chan wonders of the dance of passion) June 21, 1993 girl shock leader is the original Takagi is Goseong
    Cinderella leader of tea (from Shizuoka Center, steadfast) July 12, 1994 Psycho Kanako Momota Momota summer
    March 15, 1995 There are textbooks Ariyasu Little Giant Momoka ease (even the most petite, presence in the song and dance) from EXPG
    Sister of Minna, June 04, 1995 Shiori Shiori Tamai Tamai (crybaby, spoiled, gluttonous) aka: N bookmarks
    Oh Rin: (aka sexy and playful orthodox) Idol of June 11, 1996 black thigh Ayaka Ayaka Sasaki Sasaki

    CD Single Release Black thigh Z
    MILKY WAY pink punch, August 05, 2009 1
    Recommended mood! Is to the future Super Girl 2 November 11, 2009!
    Thief Hashire girl! ~Tsu're Gonna Go May 5, 2010 a!
    Pinky Jones ☆ Natsu here November 10, 2010 2
    Miraibouru best girl / Chai Maxx, March 09, 2011 3
    Uninterrupted revolution legendary Z 0 0 4, July 06, 2011
    Junjo of D 'July 6, 2011 5
    Santa's labor anthem, November 23, 2011 6
    LOST CHILD "infinite love" movement seventh symphony space-violent, March 07, 2012 7

    Z pink clover (clover pink georgette, Momoiro Clover Z), the female idol group.
    Member formed in the selection of Stardust Promotion. Renamed after the age Clover "pink" was working solely as a live idle, characterized by unconventional and best stage performance. Momo-chan black "" black thigh "nickname is".

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