Blow Up Funny Balloons




    Blow up balloon is a funny game for children and adults. Your goal is to keep inflating the balloon until it breaks!
    Great fun, perfect for a party, trips and to take a break at school.

    Choose one of the three balloons, take a lot of air and blow into the microphone until the balloon burst. Try different blowing techniques, so as to get the best time. When the balloon bursts, inflate again and try to improve your score. Choose from three different colored balloons and the pig balloon :)

    If you get good time, do competition in blowing balloons with friends or family.
    Check out who has the best lungs and who is the fastest to inflate the balloon.
    The best times you can save in ranking.

    With this game you will not only have fun, but also exercise your lungs :)

    Have fun and remember - practice makes perfect :)

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