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    Bluetooth Share

    You may have downloaded a very interesting movie recently on your phone, which you really want to share with your friends. With mobile only in your hand, have you ever looked forward to get a copy file from your friend's mobile? It may be a very interesting movie, which you really want to enjoy.

    What are you going to do? You must think of Bluetooth function in your phone. But have you ever discovered that it is too troublesome and complicated to change different screens? You may have to open your Bluetooth in one screen and search your files in another screen.

    Today, this new app Bluetooth Share may help you out of these trifles. By this app, you can transfer your file readily only in one screen page. Bluetooth Share is an application which allow you send and receive files via Bluetooth. It requires 2 users connected to the same wireless network, and than, the sender can send a file simply by inserting receiver passerby.

    Run this application from the context menu of a selected file and tap phones to start the file transfer. After that, files will be transferred as soon as possible.

    First of all, you could open your Bluetooth at first in this app. Before your connecting to the second device, you must make sure the receiver's Bluetooth is on and make the device discoverable. Only in this way can you search his device.

    Make sure of inputting correct passerby and then your devices will be paired. Long touch the receiver's device and you can pair it.

    After that, you could add the exact file you want to transfer in FILE part. Choose it and select OK. After arranging these preparations, it's time to your transfer. Long touch to the receiver's device, you can choose SEND FILE. OK, it's done.

    Please note that you could set visible time as you wish.

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