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    Body X-ray Scanner is a fake x-ray scanner used on android mobile phone. Do you what use your mobile phone to scan your body with x-ray? Now you can do it with this free app!
    Ha...ha...This is a fake scanner app and do not really can play as a body scanner. It is just used for entertainment!
    The pictures shown in this app seems like the real scanning effect!

    It has the effect of scanning four parts of your body: scan left/right hand, scan left/right foot. To make this app better understanding, we also offer you HELP function to show you the introduction of this free app!

    Now let's get the function one by one!
    When you open this free app, you can see five buttons lying in the main page. The first four buttons are start button which help you scan four parts of your body. The last one is HELP button. If you have any questions, you can press help button to get answers.
    After seeing the scanning effect, you can press BACK button (origin button on your mobile phone) to exit the scanning page.

    1. This x-ray scanner is free for all of you.
    2. Beautiful background.
    3. It is easy to manage. The functions is clear enough (shown in buttons).
    4. It can be used on mobile phone and play jokes with others!
    5. It is so realistic that if you show it to your friends, nobody will doubt its function!

    You can show this app to your friends and tell them your phone can play as a x-ray scanner and then show them this software! Almost all people believe in it and begrudge the powerful of your mobile phone. When you see their expression of believing a fake thing, you must feel funny!
    Now download it and give me five stars!!!
    It will be a best tool to make jokes with others and a tool makes your life interesting!

    Tips:This free app is icon ads and notification ads supported. With them, we have cents to develop better apps.
    The properties of X-ray:
    X-rays have much shorter wavelength than visible light, which makes it possible to probe structures much smaller than what can be seen using a normal microscope. This can be used in X-ray microscopy to acquire high resolution images, but also in X-ray crystallography to determine the positions of atoms in crystals.

    X-ray photons carry enough energy to ionize atoms and disrupt molecular bonds. This makes it a type of ionizing radiation and thereby harmful to living tissue. A very high radiation dose over a short amount of time causes radiation sickness, while lower doses can give an increased risk of radiation-induced cancer. In medical imaging this increased cancer risk is generally greatly outweighed by the benefits of the examination. The ionizing capability of X-rays can be utilized in cancer treatment to kill malignant cells using radiation therapy. It is also used for material characterization using X-ray spectroscopy.
    @#@#@#@#(all info about x-ray properties comes from Wikipedia.)

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