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    Lock your screen and unlock your screen with bowling game theme here. Come here to download this screen locker to replace the original screen locker for free.


    This screen locker Bowling Screen Lock adopts bowling theme here for Android mobiles and tablets to protect your screen and save battery and troublesome. It is simple to use and easy to control in the process of locking and unlocking the screen. Come here to try this totally free screen locker with such a simple design and UI.


    1. You can choose to turn on vibrate and sound reminder here to remind you of unlocking successfully.

    2. If you want to get information from status bar, you should disable full screen here. Unless you want to enjoy the whole bowling background here.

    3. There is a shortcut key for us to use for emergency here by long press search key.

    4. After these settings, you should turn off the screen to activate this screen locker here.

    5. Press POWER key and we can get locked bowling background with date, time and battery indicator.

    6. If you want to unlock the screen to get more functions in your Android devices, you can drag to play bowling to unlock the screen.

    7. You can get reminder of vibration and sound here to unlock the screen.

    Come here to download this screen locker in your Android mobiles and tablets. You will love it.

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