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    Some singers are famous for being able to break a thin crystal glass with his voice.
    With this App you can do the same.

    You may have noticed that windows resonate and crystals vibrate when the piano or the radio emit certain notes. This is because each object has a natural frequency of vibration. It is called the natural frequency or resonance frequency.

    When a glass is subjected to a periodic series of pulses whose frequency matches its natural frequency, the amplitude of their oscillations grows gradually as the energy received will be stored until it breaks.

    To successfully break the glass we have to find its resonant frequency.
    Some actions can cause the glass to make a sound with a frequency very close to his natural mode of vibration, such as swiping your wet finger around him or hit him with a fork. You can then try to replicate that frequency.

    Not all of the glass or crystal has the same frequency. This varies depending on its shape and size. It's much easier to break a crystal glass that a window.
    It is recommended therefore to use the app in fine crystal glasses.
    The success in using this app also depends on the quality of the hardware on your phone, good sound quality and power output are desirable.The use of an amplifier is recommended.

    We are not responsible for any damage caused to yourself or others, coming from the use of this app.

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