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    Having issues with your boyfriend/ Girlfriend? Want to check how long your relation will last?
    Want to confirm if this is the one who will be your life partner aswell?
    Want to know how much time is left for you guys to enjoy & spend time together?

    Try our App Android Breakup Calculator App & check the date when you guys will breakup.

    Looking for a way through which you may know when are you gonna breakup with your loved one so that you are prepared to face the same!
    Want to do a lot for your loved ones before you get parted?
    Think about it, what if you could do all of the above?
    What if somehow, you get to know your breakup date? Can not believe it right?

    What are you waiting for, Download the App & know the time left with our Android Breakup Calculator App & enjoy the same to the fullest.
    You never know what is kept for you in future.

    Just answer few basic questions regarding your relation & we will calculate your Breakup date! Finding it amusing? Why don’t you try it yourself? Download Techila's Android Breakup Calculator App and get started!

    Note: The Breakup calculator is just for fun purpose. It does not tell the actual Breakup date.
    Enjoy the app!

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