Broken Phone Screen

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    Broken Phone Screen

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    Shake your mobile phone can be achieved on the broken screen effect. Let us come together!

    It is a fake broken and you need not worry about your phone be damaged! You can use this app to cheat your friends or others. It is an free app used for entertainment. You can cheat others that your phone screen is broken by his/her careless. When he/she believe in it, you can tell him/her: I am joking and it is a fake broken!

    Don¡¯t you think it is interesting? Now let¡¯s know this free app well!


    --- Broken Phone Screen will not charge you any money. It is totally free!

    --- It is a fake app and will not hurt your phone a little.

    --- It will take you happiness by joking with your broken screen.

    --- Add one or two broken signs are all supported!

    --- It will tell you how to use this app.


    --- After downloading this free app on your mobile phone, you should press the icon to active it.

    --- It will show you words about how to use: shake the phone and achieve the broken screen effect. (the words may not appear next time)

    --- Shake your mobile phone now and you can see a broken sign appeared on screen and shake again, it will appear another sign.

    --- Press Back button of your origin phone, you can exit the free app---broken phone screen!

    It is really an interesting app and the greatest thing is you can use it to cheat others. I bet most of them will believe in ¡°the fact¡±! After they express ¡°the pity or sorry¡±, you can show him/her the truth: It is a fake broken!

    Now download the fake broken app on your mobile phone, you will love it much! It also can take you happiness. When you have nothing to do, you can use the false broken to make a joke! It will get rid of tiredness out at once! What a great thing it is!