Broken Phone




    Want to make a joke on your friends? Prank them that they deleted or formatted memory card. Simply install this small application to have a good laugh.
    The application allows you to fool your friends by suggesting that they deleted contacts, deleted pictures, formatted memory or is that your phone is hacked.
    How it works:
    - Turn on the application and select the type of joke to occur. Choose how long before start and the trigger type.
    - Give your phone to someone, and wait until they will see the message. Regardless of what the person presses the window displays the progress window that pretends to do whatever you selected on the beginning.
    - Forthe joke to be more realistic you should now begin to panic saying something like - oh what you did, you delete my contacts / pictures. You are sending all my photos to Instagram and I've got private photos there, say what you want - you just need to induce the panic on your victim.
    - Laugh: D

    Or - even better try to install the app on the victim phone and run in. Then the user will take the phone and the message will appear most likely causing your victim to panic.

    Have fun :D.

    To make it clear. This application won't delete any of your contacts or photos. Some comments claim otherwise but it's not true. It's just a simple prank, nothing more.

    And forgive me the ads but I also need to pay my bills. If there will be enough interest I might create the ad free paid version.

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