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    Broken Screen: Crack Screen

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    Broken Screen: Crack Screen's review

    Published: 2015-02-24, by .

    Simulate a broken screen

    • Lots of broken screens
    • Customizable sounds
    • Only on one screen
    • Ads ruin the prank



    Broken Screen contains a lot of options - there are lots of different broken screen graphics, plus several different sounds. The problem with is that you can only display the broken screen on the screen from which you launched the app.


    The broken screen images are good, and there are lots to choose from, so you can customize the type of screen break you want. You can also choose from several breaking screen sounds, or turn off sound entirely.


    The app seems to work by displaying an image of the screen you launched the app from, and then when you touch it displaying the broken screen image. This means you can only display a broken screen where you launched the app from. It also occasionally displays ads on this screen, giving away the prank.

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    by Oliver

    Feb 24, 2015


    Broken Screen is a silly joke app which simulates a broken mobile phone screen.

    Welcome to broken screen. A better crack screen effect for breaking your mobile phone screen and shock friends. Display glass or lcd with a transparent broken crack on top of a game, a wallpaper or your lock screen with this broken screen prank app.

    New Features:
    * Crack Screen: touch to crack!
    * Full screen effect (hidden notification bar)
    * Broken Display: touch or shake the phone
    * Disables the back button

    How to use:
    Start 'Broken Screen' and hand your phone to one of your friends. Wait until they touch the screen. Thats when they'll hear a loud cracking noise and notice the broken screen on your phone. Now you can start to blame them for breaking your phone, maybe they'll buy you a new one ;)

    * Shock your friends with realistic looking screen injuries and nerve wrecking cracking sounds.
    * Prank your friends with "Broken Screen"!
    * Touch your phone screen and share screenshots of your cracked screen on facebook and twitter with your friends to get a lot of likes!
    * Fool your parents

    The most realistic looking images of cracked, broken, scratched and completely destroyed screens and displays for free.

    Plays realistic crack sounds when you touch the screen.

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