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    Guppies Songs At Your Fingertips.. ENJOY! (+ a bonus little slide puzzle game included!!)


    DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fan app only. The content provided in this application is hosted on YouTube and is available in the public domain. We have not uploaded any videos to YouTube. This application is just an organized way to browse and view YouTube videos in another way. This app is unofficial and is simply a shortcut to the free information offered by YouTube. All copyrighted materials, trademarks and content are property of their respective owners. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Bubble Guppies or any other affiliated entities. This application complies with the US copyright law guidelines for fair use. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that does not follow within the fair use guidelines, please contact us by email. Thank you!


    The Guppies live in the fictional underwater city of Bubbletucky.

    Gil is a boy with a silly personality. He is the silly co-host and the secondary leader of the group. He has blue hair, blue eyes, white skin, and a green camouflage tail.

    Goby is a boy with an imaginative personality. He is one of the followers of the group. He has indigo hair, brown eyes, brown skin, and a purple/blue wavy tail.

    Deema is a girl with a zany personality. She is one of the followers of the group, and has yellow curly hair, blue eyes, a yellow spotted bikini top, orange ear rings, and an orange/yellow spotted tail.

    Molly is a girl with a caring personality. She is a co-host of the show with Gil and is a natural leader of the group. She has pink curly hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, a swirly bikini top, and a blue swirly tail.

    Oona is a girl with a sweet personality. She is one of the followers of the group. She has purple hair, pigtails, yellowish skin, brown eyes, and a purple/pink swirly dress-like tail.

    Nonny is a boy with an intelligent personality. He has orange hair, green eyes, a blue scuba mask (his glasses), and a green striped tail. For an unknown reason, he doesn't smile as often as the others. He is relatively the most polite and mature member of the group.

    Bubble Puppy is a puppy who is Gil's pet, he has orange and white fur. He has a green collar and a yellow fish license.

    Mr. Grouper is the Guppies' teacher who is orange and yellow, and can change colors. Mr. Grouper respects the kids imaginations, ideas, and suggestions. He always helps the kids understand the subject of each episode by "thinking about it."

    Little Fish are a trio of fish that look alike and frequently answer questions that are put to the home audience by the main characters.

    Crabs, Lobsters & Snails are extra characters often seen doing activities in the background or making cameos.

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