Build Everything




    Welcome to the builders' paradise! Build Everything re-creates the childhood feeling of putting together something new and exciting from plastic building blocks.

    Build Everything is a playground where you will set your own rules. The app provides you a set of blocks (more can be bought from the in-app store) and lets you get on with innovating your own designs! You can manipulate your designs and play out your own scenarios in the manipulate mode.

    Is Build Everything a game? Not in a traditional sense as there is no set goal you have to achieve. But with the help of the Build Everything toolbox you can create your own game play experiences. The sky -- or perhaps the imagination -- is the limit!

    Build Everything comes with the first set of blocks "The Basics" unlocked and further sets with different themes can be unlocked from the in-app store. Check in regularly to see the newest offerings!

    Description of App Permissions:
    - Read/write external storage: World files created in Build Everything are stored on the device's SD card
    - Internet access: Cloud sharing and in-app purchases require this
    - Get accounts: cloud sharing require logging in with your Google+ account (optional)

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