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    Call Look is a caller ID enhancement that shows an overlay with additional contact details on the Android incoming and (optionally) outgoing call screens.

    “Call Look - secretary of my hand " attractive, that's what the other person

    The phone comes a lot of you think ..

    ' I was going to say, did you? ' Or ' why this person call me ? ' Solve our App.

    Sales for those who required!

    Select a normal user to become a charming liar!

    [App About]

    Name and phone number will appear only if a call comes in the basic phone features Android

    Many numbers stored in the phone book, be more difficult to remember someone else.

    Stored the name of the same name, also, check it difficult for the inconvenience.

    Call Lock to solve these problems, and provide convenient services

    Tells you the name stored in the phonebook, group, address, Employer, Position, alias, web site, with a variety of information, including

    When receiving a call "pop-up" information on the other side of the window into the appropriate number of details in more detail can distinguish.

    The call ends or inside the App when you use the Notes feature set from the important meeting content, and the appointment of friends and conversations can be recorded.

    Output by the party and the contents of the major currencies in a memo written by the user when receiving a call to the next available number can be checked in advance.

    [Key Features]

    Memo function type: application note of my notes appear after the call function, you can take advantage of the party and important appointments, schedules, spoken dialogue memo.

    Pop-up notification feature: user-written notes, phonebook information when receiving a call pop-up window tells

    [Feature descriptions and usage]

    Basic information stored in my phone book, call origination pop-up output

    - Directing style of their own in a variety of settings, pop-up theme, font color, etc.

    Pop-up note written output after the call, easy-to-use user interface

    - Business meetings, appointments, work schedules, etc. note the day, people keep our relationship

    “Call Look - secretary of my hand "attractive, that's what the other person

    CallLook, kolruk, phonebook, SPAM / management, note-taking, party information notification feature, whoscall, block call, call informer, call number resolver, caller info, caller memo


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    Service. Allow better bug reports, please send to "" App
    In this case, you use your phone model name and Android version of us would be appreciated.


    - Software : Mamp
    - Design : Afrodesign

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