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    Do you know what's the capital city of Australia? If you do, start playing "Capital Cities" Trivia! Try to guess the name of the capital of the country in question, check your current knowledge, and learn what you didn't know before! If you love geography, you'll simply adore this quiz with questions and answers! Download the free app right now and have fun!
    - Choose from four Game Modes - 10, 25 or 50 Questions and '5 Errors – Out'!
    - Four answers are offered!
    - Think quickly and give correct answers to get higher rankings!
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    - Endless Mode – your game lasts until you choose 5 incorrect answers!
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    This free "trivia quiz" includes a variety of different questions regarding the capitals from various countries across the globe. Use it as an opportunity to test your geography knowledge.
    "Capital cities" are the designated centers of formal political power and administrative authority in their respective territories. They are also very often the chief focus of economic power and, therefore, of real political power, particularly in the form of head offices of business corporations and nongovernmental institutions of all kinds. They may as a consequence attract a considerable proportion of a nation's intellectuals and creative individuals. In short, they are usually the seats of the power elites that dominate public decision making. Through their control over the transportation and communications networks, the elites have been able increasingly to ensure the dominance of their city over its politically dependent territories.
    The capitals also serve as symbols of political identity and legitimacy. Public buildings (and commercial head offices too) are usually designed to impress the populace with the dignity of power, the majesty of the law, and, thereby, an implied assurance of personal identity and security. Most legislatures and court buildings are constructed in styles strongly influenced by some great kingdom, republic or empire of the past - to hint as it were that authority flows from a grand historical tradition and has, therefore, deep and time-honoured roots. The 'capitol' of the Roman Republic is one such archetype, the medieval Gothic Parlement of the common people is another. A third derives from the more eclectic styles featured in the 19th century during the 2 French empires of Napoleon I and III.
    Let’s mention some of the capital cities in the world! Buenos Aires, Argentina exudes an air of the exotic, smoky and mysterious that is embodied by its tango salons and sophisticated café life. Now recovering from a period of economic crisis, it has been called the Paris of South America for its neoclassical buildings on tree-lined boulevards. The Museo del Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA), created by young Argentinean architects in 2001, is a symbol of the city's modernity. So we can conclude that all unique and modern symbols are situated in the city.
    We should mention Rome in Italy as well. Once you see the Colosseum, venture to the Via Veneto, visit the Vatican and marinate in the history, art and architecture of the city, indulge in Rome's dolce vita.
    Have fun with this interesting quiz and expand your knowledge!
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