Cat and Fish Lock Screen




    With this app, you will have a special lock, it is the fish in the lock screen. And this fish is used to feed the cute cat who also lies on the lock screen. Drag down the fish to feed the cat and the screen is unlocked.

    This app uses cat and fish theme
    You will see a beautiful and cute background in the lock screen
    Sound and vibration effects are supported in Cat and Fish Lock Screen
    It is easy and simple to use
    This app is made for android cell phones and tablets

    Detail Introduction
    In the lock screen, you will see a cute cat, and she is waiting for the fish. Get the fish for her, and she will unlock screen for you.
    Please remember to open this app in the settings before you want to use this app, or check cat and fish in the lock screen.
    Unlocking effects
    Cat and Fish Lock Screen provides the effects of sound and vibration for unlocking screen.
    You have known that the screen will be unlocked when you drag down the fish, with the unlocking effects, the cat will meow and the cell phone will vibrate.
    For lock screen
    Two kinds of lock screen are available in Cat and Fish Lock Screen, full screen and status bar. As their names, full screen will take the whole your cell phone screen as the lock screen background while status bar show the notification bar of your cell phone.
    Fast unlock
    You also can long press the search button to unlock screen though Cat and Fish Lock Screen, as long as you have turn on the function of shortcut key in the settings.

    Now, come on to get your cat and fish here for free!

    Food is the substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body.
    Lock screen applications on mobile devices often provide more functionality beyond unlocking the phone, such as notifications for emails and text messages, a date and time display, or shortcuts to certain applications.

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