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    Chainsaw Free By Seven Leaf!

    Scare your friends with a fake chainsaw! Much like a real chainsaw, your phone will shake and make loud chainsaw cutting noises!

    The best free app for scaring people, uses the accelerometer to detect how hard you're swinging your "chainsaw"!

    There are four different chainsaw sounds that are played using a fine-tuned motion detection algorithm.

    Perfect for lots of different occasions, including but not limited to:

    - Halloween
    - Scary movie nights
    - Parties
    - Cold, dark nights

    One of the best Halloween night apps on the market! Scare away pesky trick-or-treat'ers with this great accelerometer-driven motion detecting app. Uses the built-in vibrator in your phone to add a little bit of realistic vibration to your chainsaw.

    Play the sounds in three ways, which include
    - Shaking the phone softly
    - Moving the phone back and forth quickly
    - Swinging the phone like a real chainsaw

    Great app to use for first date pranks! Make a good impression by scaring the color out of your date's face. Who wouldn't want to hear the sound of a scary chainsaw at dinner? The roar of the chainsaw will no doubt leave a good impression. Although doing this after Halloween's days have past may leave your popularity suspect...

    A suggested great use for the app is to scare trick or treat'ers! Start the chain saw motion detector on an object that will trigger motion on your phone. When they walk by the chainsaw sound will be fired off that will scare and spook them!

    Start the app and hand the phone off to an unsuspecting user! They will shriek in terror at your prank as it plays the scary roar of a chainsaw!

    Become the life of the Halloween party as you unleash prank terror on unsuspecting guests. Place the phone with the motion detector activated on the drink tray.

    If you have a chainsaw sounds suggestion let us know!

    You will find app under name = Chainsaw - Scare on Halloween!

    Feel free to email us or drop a comment. We are always looking to improve our apps for users. We will do our best to implement your ideas into the application. If you like the app, feel free to check out other apps from Seven Leaf!

    Sounds / Noises are appropriate for all ages, but it doesn't hurt to listen to them before giving to younger people.

    Enjoy your halloween holiday and we hope you get some great scares from the free app.

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