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    Angry Birds - Star Wars the full Samsung Raiders, teach you how angry bird in this latest chapter in the Star Wars version all Samsung customs clearance, adding the location of hidden golden eggs, hidden off the open Raiders! Captions, and make it easy for you to get the Samsung! If you have questions, please write and tell me thank you! Your suggestions are very important to us.

    Please feel free to 5 star rating because it will encourage us to constantly update and refine the application.

    Amazing experience - able to extricate themselves, exploring 152 off the map, unique planet, such as Tatooine planet and pig Star. You can block the empire pigs, laser turrets, Tusken attacks pigs, and the original force of the dark side to get all three stars?

    - New game mechanics, the lightsaber, blasting and Jedi forces against the Empire pig!
    - Upgrade your birds kept game and upgrade birdie to improve their skills!
    - Mysterious hidden objects, you can unlock all the bonus levels of R2-D2 and C-3PO?
    - Free updates, the beginning of the epic saga!

    - Powerful falcon birds live at a checkpoint? Stars and summon powerful falcon bird, down the destruction of the rain. New goals, achievements and game experience!

    - The Jedi the road, the ultimate young Jedi training ground, this application purchase can unlock 40 Dagobah challenging levels, and Jedi Master Yoda! The road through the Jedi to unlock the ultimate lightsaber!

    Get high marks: the maximum extent of the use of a bird all pigs to eliminate every 1 bird left, plus 10,000 points; every elimination pigs get 5000 points reward; try to make pig defenseThe degree of damage, the greater the extent of the damage, the more bonus points.

    Samsung rating method: use at least the bird all pigs are eliminated, under normal circumstances, only allows the use of one, so that the greatest degree of Pig's defense destroyed scores meet game requirements.

    The different checkpoints Raiders, we need to analyze Pig defense system defects, such as to attack the foundations of the towers, so as to achieve the maximum effect of the attack.

    Note: Some hurdles still exist golden eggs to get the golden eggs, you can go to the the golden eggs checkpoint challenge difficult.

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