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    The Art of Self-Defense?
    Discover the world of Martial Arts!
    It is totally free for Android!

    You can learn Chinese Kung Fu through this game.
    Download this once and enjoy it forever!

    There are basically 3 kinds of Kung Fu in China, including powerful force, speed fist and hit accurate Kung Fu.
    There are also many a Kung Fu in each kind type for you to have a try.
    Select one type and one Kung FU, you can get its instruction and learn how to use it as your weapon.
    After your training, you can also get your scores.

    To know more detailed information. As long as you work hard, you can become a Kungfu master.

    1. Chinese Fighting Game separates the Chinese Kungfu into three types: Powerful Force, Speed First and Accurate Hit. Each of them has its own advantages. Powerful Force includes the Kungfu that can make your muscle strong. Speed First can will train you keeping quicker speed to attack your target. Accurate Hit is mainly to increase your hit rate.
    2. In each kind, there are about ten different Kungfu provided to you to learn. For instance, the Powerful Force includes Iron Palm, Multi-injuries Fist, Melt Bone Palm, Dragon Palm and so on. These Kungfu all are famous for their powerful force. If you want to practice Iron Palm, you just touch its icon and then touch the Start Training, you can practice Iron Palm now.
    3. If you don’t know how to use this app, you can click the Tutorials button and then this app will tell you how to practice this Kungfu.
    4. There is a score system which will give you a score after you practice Kungfu. The score just record the highest score. If you get a higher score, the former score will be replaced by the current score.
    5. The Introduction function tells you the detailed information of this Kungfu. It can tell you the Kungfu’s history, who had practiced it and became a master. You will get to know more about the mysterious Chinese Kungfu
    6. If you have any advice or you meet any problem of this game, please give me an e-mail so that I can improve this game. If you would like to support this game, I hope you can give it five stars.

    Download this game---Chinese Fighting Game, you can know more about Chinese kungfu and it will help you much when you talking about kungfu with friends. With this game, you will become more powerful when you have beat with others! Now download and enjoy it.
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