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    Chinese KungFu (also called Wushu and Chinese martial arts) are a serious of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. These fighting styles are usually classified according to common traits, identified as "families" (¼Ò, ji¨¡), "sects" (ÅÉ, p¨¤i) or "schools" (éT, m¨¦n) of these martial arts. (some words come from wiki web) There are many popular KungFu artist well known by world with the developing of Kung-fu movies, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi and so on. If you what to know more about Vhina, Wushu is an important part.

    Chinese KungFu Digest is an app can told you all digest knowledge of this martial arts. No matter shaolin monks training, wing chung Xingyi Boxing and Dabei boxing...will all be inrtoduced clearly. If you have ever seen Kung Fu Panda movie, you must interested in different animal fighting. Some fighting style will be interpreted in detail too.

    Kunf Fu Digest:
    --- Kung Fu History: its origin, Definition, developing and others.
    --- Kung Fu Genre: 10 wushu genre be introduces including Mantis boxing, TongBeiQuan, Cha Fist and others.
    Just press the genre you what to know more, you can get its characteristics, origin and basic introduction easily!
    --- Configuration weapons: the weapons usually used when playing Chinese martial arts.
    18 weapons introduced in detail. Such as knife, spear, sword etc.
    --- Hall of fame: All people known as grest kung fu artist be shown in list. Which one you what to know? Just click its image, you can know his/her detail information (info about name, born time, born place, why famous and what famous for...)
    * Famous historical people such as Yim Wing-chun (Bruce Lee;s teacher), Huo Yuanjia.
    12 people be told in this part.
    * Famous modern actors such as Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Jet Li. 6 Mordern actors shown here.
    * Legendary figures like Zhang Sanfeng, Eight Immortals and Bodhidharma.

    If you interested in KungFu, this app---Chinese KungFu Digest will be a best reference book.
    When others ask you questions about wushu, you can answer him/her as soon as possible.
    Of course, it is more convenient than handing a real book.

    Have this app on android mobile phone now.

    Hope you like this great reference book of KungFu. If so, please provide five stars latter.

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