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    Are you interested in Chinese KungFu? Do you what to learn and practice this Chinese martial arts? Here with Chinese KungFu Train can experience playing KungFu/WuShu.
    Hand your android mobile phone and do a few moves as picture shown you, if your action is totally right, you can get 100 point and accord in great degree will get 80~90 score and get an encouragement words.
    Yes, this KungFu Train software has a sensitive sensor system. Little different will be got by it. So the test result will be accurate!
    Three main KongFu Motions provided to practice:
    --- Zhiquan: Put your fist directly from chest position to front.
    --- Pizhang: Palm up to down.
    --- Push Palm: Push Palm out as the picture.

    How to play?
    --- Press and hold volume down key to record gestures.
    --- Release the volume button when finish your gesture.
    --- Hear the speaker system tell you what score you get and if have applause congratulation. If you score is too low, there will people laugh at you! Ha...ha...Interesting, isn't it?

    This free KungFu Training software need network runs well, or it will not get the score quickly and accurately!

    If you have a Chinese KungFu Train software on phone, you can tell your friends: My phone can test if your Chinese KungFu gesture is right or not!

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