Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes

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    Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes

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    The Best Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes!

    Here is what you will discover inside...

    ★ A spectacular array of chocolate recipes: everything from light and airy to dark and delicious. These are the perfect recipes to comfort you on a bad day as well as share with friends and family.

    ★ Looking for a sophisticated dessert for that perfect evening? You’ll be sure to find just the right recipe here.

    ★ Easy recipes to create chocolate caramels, chocolate éclairs and chocolate jelly. Only you will know how simple they really are to create.

    ★ Why chocolate is actually healthy for you! Dispell all of those old myths when you learn the secrets behind the reason why chocolate can actually help to aid digestion…and much more!

    ★ The secret to making exceptional hot fudge sauce...

    ★ And much, much more!

    Here are some of the recipes:

    ★ Chocolate Biscuit
    ★ Cinderella Cakes
    ★ Chocolate Profiteroles
    ★ Chocolate Blanc-mange
    ★ Genesee Bonbons
    ★ Cocoa Buns
    ★ Chocolate Nougat Cake
    ★ Chocolate Cream Candy
    ★ Chocolate Macaroons
    ★ Cocoa Frappe
    ★ Chocolate Hearts
    ★ Petits Four
    ★ Spanish Chocolate Cake
    ★ Chocolate Dipped Fruit Fudge
    ★ Fondant
    ★ Chocolate Molasses Kisses

    I admit it! I confess! I am a chocoholic.

    Put any kind of chocolate in front of me and I simply cannot resist. If you feel the same way and simply cannot get enough of that rich, chocolaty goodness, then this book recipe book is definitely for you!

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