Chopsocky Pro

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    New sounds added!

    Amaze your friends with the Incredible Chopsocky Kung Fu Sound Simulator!

    Pro version removes the occasional "rude" sounds and ad banner.

    1. Grip your device tightly.
    2. Make wild kung fu motions to generate the amazing Chopsocky sounds.
    3. Press the button in the middle of the screen to hear one of several authentic kung fu battle cries!

    I am not responsible if you fling your phone into the wall or floor while enjoying the Incredible Chopsocky Kung Fu Sound Simulator.

    Samples used from Freesound

    April 12, 2011
    By nextmaking (
    punch slow motion.aif (
    kung fu kick.aif (
    Kung Fu punch 03.aif (
    kung fu punch.aif (
    April 6, 2011
    By oldedgar (
    Kung Fu Yell.aif (
    By Robinhood76 (
    01677 fight shout.wav (
    00842 karate shout 1.wav (