Christmas on your desk AR Free




    "Christmas on your desk AR" is a marvelous application that allows a Christmas tree and Santa Claus to appear on the table or in the room when holding it on the dedicated marker. The application can liven up the Christmas mood together with the music box Christmas songs!

    It is suitable for the application below!
    - For a surprise at a Christmas party
    - To liven up the mood on a Christmas date.
    - Beautiful interior design for use in a shop or room
    - Toy for child

    The Christmas songs below are recorded:
    - "O Christmas Tree"
    - "Jingle Bells"
    - "Silent Night"
    - "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
    - "Greensleeves"
    Use of the music replay application on the terminal allows other music than the ones incorporated to be replayed.

    Instructions for use:
    To use this application, it is necessary to download the dedicated marker and print it on the printer. (Turning ON the Markerless button on the upper left side of the screen allows the Christmas tree to appear without the marker but we recommend printing the marker to enjoy the experience more.)

    1.Download the marker.
    Marker image data:

    2.Download the marker and then print it on paper.
    3.Cut out the marker.
    4.Set the marker where you want to display the Christmas tree and Santa Claus.
    5.When holding the application on it, the Christmas tree and Santa Claus will appear.

    If it is difficult to recognize the marker, bring it sufficiently close to the front of the application to recognize it once and move it up to the distance to take a photo. In the angle or distance where the marker is not reflected, the Christmas tree cannot be displayed.