Christmas Snowflakes




    The best Christmas snowflake live wallpaper available!
    A constant stream of over 80 differently shaped Christmas snowflakes on your home screen...celebrate the holiday season by bringing some holiday cheer to your phone

    Upgrade to the full version from within the live wallpaper's settings and you can customize the live wallpaper by the following:
    - Select the flow direction of the Christmas snowflakes
    - Select how long the Christmas snowflakes remain on-screen
    - Adjust the speed of the Christmas snowflakes
    - Choose to have the Christmas snowflakes randomly sized or pick a fixed size for them all
    (If you select Random then you can also choose the smallest and largest snowflake sizes)
    - Choose to show the Christmas snowflakes with different levels of transparency (this creates a very nice effect)
    - Choose to have the Christmas snowflakes randomly colored or pick a fixed color for them all
    - Choose the precise background color you desire with the color chooser
    - Customize the background to show a 2-color gradient and pick both of those colors

    Note: some phone hardware may notice lag if the 'Flow time' parameter is set to high or if the snowflake size is too large. Simply adjust these to a lower level if this occurs.

    Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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