Chware Change Wallpaper viaSMS




    Chware is an application to change wallpaper remotely via nothing but sms. It is a special Free Edition!
    Using Chware you are able to bring smile and happiness to everybody!
    Chware application will gives you opportunity to change wallpaper on somebody's phone. This "somebody" could be you girlfriend, boyfriend, just a friend, family member or just anybody.
    You can do that by only one sms sent to that person.
    1. Install this application on the phone that you would like to change wallpaper.
    2. Take your phone now and type into sms an image number you like the most.
    For example: type 1 to set wallpaper number one; type 2 to set second wallpaper etc.
    You have 9 wallpapers at your's disposal. These wallpapers are inside the application. See here these images with numbers.
    3. Send this sms (with wallpaper number) to mobile phone on which you have installed the application.
    Bring smile and happiness to your girlfriend, boyfriend or just anybody you want to.
    Android 4.4 Kitkat info:
    - on Android 4.4 the recipient will see sms with wallpaper chosen number
    Every graphic used to create the application is either from licensed CC0 or my creation.
    More details:
    You need to have permission to install any application on somebody's phone.
    The developer cannot take any responsibility for someone's using this application in other purpose than stated above.

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