Clean Blood Unlock Screen




    Clean Blood Unlock Screen is a new type of screen lock. It really seems cool and mysterious. Users need use finger clean the blood on door and then unlock or taken camera, make cell phone calling or sending messages to friends. This new screen lock type combine general lock with cool door theme. All effects makes it seems COOL and MAGIC.

    ###Free cool unlock screen tool with blood theme.
    ###Without unlocking, users can:
    - Unlock to enter menu page.
    - Capture pictures or videos with CAMERA on your phone.
    - Enter contact book to make calls.
    - Enter message page to send/edit messages.
    ###Special effects:
    Sound of opening a door.
    Unlock way seems like open a real door.
    Vibrate effect during unlock.

    ###Then sound and vibrate effect can be closed.
    ###The door app can be open or close.

    ADVANTAGES than others.
    --- Sound of opening door makes it different frm others'.
    --- Convenient. When you have meeting or other things need a quiet environment, you can close all effects.
    --- Control well. Tired of this lock, you can close it instead of uninstall. Take it into use next time.
    --- Cool and creative.

    Unlocking steps:
    1. Clean blood.
    2. Press lock icons to unlock or click other icons to use phone.

    ### Known before download ####
    We work hard to develop apps and offered all for you with 0 money. In order to keep company running, our apps are ad supported. If you get icon ads or notification ads in software, hope you understand us. If you dislike them, just uninstall this app and please do not leave us low ratting!

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