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    Published: 2012-02-16, by Ana Gracia.

    Find out if the power of your passion with this daily test

    • Can be fun at first
    • Asks you to share, like and authorize the game for energy
    • Only one test every day

    "Are you passionate?"

    Are you sure about the strength of your passion? This Passion Test helps you figure out your true personality and the power of your passion: are you cool, are you more passionate than you think? You can take the test by yourself, with your partner or even with friends, surely you will have a great time.

    Today's test, for example, was to tap as quickly as you can on silhouettes and that is supposedly meant to measure your passion. Anyway, even if you believe that, the app needs "energy" to continue and the only way to get energy is to authorize the game on Facebook, Twitter, Rate the game, Install a game and share your results, which is kind of annoying.

    The idea could be interesting and the fact that each days adds a new type of test is good, but it's too intrusive and it really doesn't measure anything. Game Insight International is the developer of this app that could actually be much better.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 16, 2012


    Do you know the strength of your passion? You might think that you are cool, or quite contrary shy and unpretending! Try the Funny Love Test and find out the truth right now! This test will help you discover your personality and find out about the power of your passion. The test is suitable for anyone!

    Test yourself, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do the test together with your friends, it’s really fun! You can improve your results too! Every day there is something new about it like attractive format or funny statuses. Come back every day and find out something new about yourself.

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