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    It's summer, time for beach, cocktails and parties. But there is a problem...i don't know how to make cocktails.
    In this application you can find more than 8000 cocktail recipes.
    Every recipe shows:
    1)the ingredients you must use (click on them to see details)
    2)the drinks
    3)the dosage
    4) instructions how to make it
    5) What type of glass to use
    6) Alcohol percentage (estimate)

    We are not finished yet.

    You can choose from ingredients list, which of them you have in your bar. Why?
    1) Every recipe show you which ingredients you missing
    2) Shows a cocktail image on top-right corner if you can make the recipe with your ingredients
    3) From menu "Cocktails I can make", you can see a list, with all recipes you can make with your ingredients.

    You can choose from ingredients list in two ways:
    1) Specific ingredient (Bacardi rum)
    2) Category (Rums)

    From tools and search options you set the search options
    1) By Actual Drinks (it will show you recipes you can make, based only in specific drinks Absolut Vodka, Lime e.t.c.)
    2) By Category (it will show you recipes you can make, based in categories (if you say "I have Rum in my bar", then you mean Captain Morgan or Bacardi e.t.c.)
    3) Mixed (recipes you can make based on both 1 and 2)

    One last think. You want to drink, but not to much...OK.
    In every recipe there is one option "How much can i drink?".
    This option is based on your Weight, your Country, the ABV of drink and the hours have passed since you started drinking.
    Give these values and see alcohol percentage in your blood.
    *Beware: this is only an estimate, DO NOT base on this to decide if you are drunk or not.
    And don't forget...drink responsibly and enjoy.

    You must be over 21 year old to use this application.

    You can send your complaints or your comments to improve the application. Thank you all.

    Note: if you erase the data of application, they will recover when you start it again. You will lose only your favorites and your ingredients.

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