Coded Lock Screen




    In the modern society, information security has become extremely important while more and more security threats occur.

    At the same time, we will use our smart phones to do lots of things.

    As a result, the protection of users¡¯ personal information security has become an international issue.

    Therefore, we offer Coded Lock Screen to you.

    Operating Instructions:

    1. Set a password in advance and save it. (The password is a group of three-digit number-more complicated, the better. Please remember it, or you will cannot unlock your screen. )

    2. Press On to open this app. You can choose to open the sound effect and vibration or not.

    3. When you want to unlock the screen, just input your password and click the virtual lock to unlock it.


    * Creative password setting. This password setting system is the same with the rolling suitcases password settings.

    * Powerful additional function: battery indicator, display date and time.

    As we all know, there are lots of personal information in the box and Gmail of our mobile phone.

    By this app, none can check up your mobile phones without your own password.

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