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    Community is an American television comedy series created by Dan Harmon that premiered on September 17, 2009 on NBC. The series follows a group of students at a community college in the fictional locale of Greendale, Colorado. The series heavily uses meta-humor and pop culture references, often parodying film and television clichés and tropes.

    Community has received acclaim from critics and has gained a cult following. The series has completed three seasons and has been renewed by NBC for a fourth season of 13 episodes.[2] The fourth season, however, will be without series creator Dan Harmon as showrunner.[3] The fourth season, initially scheduled to premiere on October 19, 2012, has been delayed to February 7, 2013.

    Community is set at Greendale Community College, and opens with Jeff, a suspended lawyer, inviting a former political activist named Britta to a fictional Spanish study group in order to seduce her. However, Britta invites Abed, another member of the Spanish class, who in turn invites four more members of the Spanish class (Troy, Annie, Shirley and Pierce) along to thwart his plans and the study group becomes real. Despite their varying ages, backgrounds, and personalities, the group grows together, and everyone eventually develops a close relationship with each other. The members of the group are fairly self-centered, only interacting in passing with other members of the student body, and even then mostly due to competitions, arguments, or feuds. This behavior is encouraged by their flamboyant Dean, who regards them in general (and Jeff in particular) as his favorite students, even going so far as to visit their study room to tell them about a fire that has broken out before he alerts the rest of the school. Each member of the group has several personality flaws that are often highlighted in various ways that play off the show's idiosyncratic meta-humor.

    Most episodes feature titles designed to sound like the names of college courses such as "Introduction to Film", "Anthropology 101" and "Cooperative Calligraphy".[5] Aside from the pilot, only five episodes have non-course names: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas", "A Fistful of Paintballs", "For a Few Paintballs More", "Pillows and Blankets" and "The First Chang Dynasty". The first season premiered on September 17, 2009 in the 9:30 pm ET timeslot.[6] After three episodes, the show was moved to the 8:00 pm ET timeslot. In October 2009, it was announced that the show had been picked up for a full twenty-two episode season.[7] In January 2010, NBC ordered an additional three episodes for the first season, extending it to a total of 25 episodes.[8] On March 5, 2010, Community was renewed for a second season and premiered on September 23, 2010.[9] On March 17, 2011, NBC renewed Community for a third season.[10] On May 10, 2012, Community was renewed for a fourth season consisting of 13 episodes.[2]

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