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    An app that randomize sentences to humorous expressions. Uses different sentence categories, that you can set. Primary for fun, but may inspire you to some confusing lyrics.
    Get a new expression for each press on the back button on your device. Rapidly a more or less confusing or humorous expression, is the output.
    In each displayed expression, some of the words are randomized from a data base containing more than 4400 common and normally used english words.
    This app will therefore be able to display a very huge number of variations of different sentences, using rather unique and randomized combinations of words.
    A history list of all the expressions created so far in the actual session, can be displayed with ease. You may optionally also mail all the expressions, or store them inside for example your mailbox 'drafts' folder, using your already installed and configured mail application. (The mail application that you normally already use on your cell phone).
    Many of these sentences have probably never before been spoken or written, on this earth! Therefore you may find them both confusing and funny! Many of these sentences are probably very hard to "invent", without using this app.
    Here are examples of expressions that this app may output, (some of them maybe a little crude):

    "You are so romantic, I love your cares."

    "Your berries are like even growths, in the able underwear."

    "If you listen, then this teaching is like some materialistic trouble."

    "These loves are like afterthoughts atop sophisticated muscles.
"You are so annoying, I love your effects." 

    "Well, wink me in the tins and wrap shyly, that you do bounce me wiry."

    "You are so bent, I love your libraries."

    If you like some of these expressions, then this app is really something for you!
    Note: The semantic of solemn words from the database should be harmless, but their semantic, when combined randomly, may be not. If you are easily offended, you are hereby warned, to not use this app at all!
    A good final advice: Always think before you speak or write an expression made by this app! You never know what good old random will create, do you? But remember, always have fun!

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