Cracked Display Prank




    Want to trick your friends? Use this application and fool them that they broke your phone.

    You can easily prank your friends that they broke the display in your phone. You can choose when the cracks will appear. They can appear either after some predefined time, after touch or after few touches. It's up to you to decide.

    Just select one of the broken phone images, set the options like trigger and delay, pump up the volume and start the application. Then give it to the victim and enjoy the view.

    Alternatively you can run it by yourself and show the broken phone to your friends when they ask to see your phone.

    You can also start the application, set the delay to 60 seconds or even more and then run some nice game and hand it over to someone else to play. When the time is up the prank will start and display the broken display. Then you can blame the person who was playing that he/she broke your phone ;).

    The application is completely free and offers a lot of enjoyment. But beware - someone can drop the phone, so try to be careful where do you play your pranks. This cracked screen is a perfect way to fool your friends, family, co-workers and anyone you want. Just keep in mind that sometimes you have to play you role in the joke so when you hear the breaking glass sound then do your part and start to play panic.

    Please note that app is just a prank, funny simulation that's meant to make you and your friends laugh.

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