Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

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    Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

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    Does It Break Your Heart To Hear Your Dog Cry When You Try To Leave Home?

    Are You Worried Your Dog Will Destroy Everything In Your Home While You're Away?

    These Are Signs Your Best-Friend Is Emotionally Distressed And Needs Your Help!

    In Curing Dog Separation Anxiety, you’ll gain insight into dog separation anxiety, and learn important information that can help you deal with the problem, including:

    ★ The main factors that may have contributed to your dog’s separation anxiety

    ★ Which dogs may be at high risk to suffer from separation anxiety

    ★ Why a dog’s destructive behavior is NOT an attempt to get “revenge” on their owner for leaving them alone

    ★ The key symptoms to look for to help diagnose dog separation anxiety

    ★ Which breeds are more prone to suffer from separation anxiety - something you really must know if you’re looking for a new dog

    ★ What behaviors to watch for from your dog when you return home

    ★ When to vaccinate your dog

    ★ The number one protective factor to have in your home

    ★ What helps lower stress and improve obedience scores

    ★ How to use pheromones to lower anxiety risk

    ★ Which Medications Are Used To Treat Dog Separation Anxiety

    ★ Why medications must be given regularly, and not just when your dog seems anxious

    ★ Why it may take a long time for the medications to work, and why you need to follow a structured program of behavior modification to increase their effectivness

    ★ How to enrich the surroundings to make your pet at ease

    ★ How to implement reward relaxation

    ★ Why downplaying your departure can help your dog relax

    ★ Why changing the type of dog toys can help reduce pet anxiety

    ★ How changing your routine when you return home can help

    ★ How to use exercise and mental stimulation to calm your dog

    ★ and much, Much More!

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