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    Daria (Chatbot and Assistant)

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    If you need a quick answer your voice is my comand, but if you're getting borred, Cleverbot (an advanced chatbot engine) will keep you company.

    The name D.A.R.I.A stands for "Data Analysis and Research Interactive Assistant" and is our flagship product that took us months to develop and bring it to you - our users.
    You will not need to search into the complicated phone menu, don't waste your precious time looking for the app or information you need and increase your productivity using only a few words and you'll get your answer right away.

    Daria supports a wide range of commands. See the bellow list for more details:
    - Ask Question - uses the general knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha that will give you an answer from a broad range of general knowledge areas like mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, units and measures, dates and times, weather, places and geography, people, history, music, sports, medicine, etc. Example keywords: question, knowledge engine, etc or use the dedicated buttone called "knowledge"
    - Browse the internet - opens the internet browser
    - Flashlight - opens your phone's LED light as well as turns the screen bright white
    - Make a Phone Call - with this option you can call anybody from your contact list
    - Open Alarms - opens the alarms manager
    - Open Application - opens any application installed on the phone by name
    - Open Calculator - starts the calculator
    - Open Calendar - start the calendar
    - Open Pictures Gallery - opens the pictures gallery
    - Play Music - with this option you can open your music player in order to listen to the music
    - Say Time - want to hear the current time in a fancy way?
    - Search Google - searches something on google
    - Send Email - with this option you can send an Email
    - Send SMS - with this option you can send a SMS to anybody from your contacts list
    - Show Maps - opens the Google Maps zoomed at your current position
    - Take Photo - opens the photo camera
    - Turn Bluetooth ON/OFF - turns on or off the bluetooth service
    - Turn Wifi ON/OFF - turns on or off the wireless service

    You can use it every were, with hands free and you will love it .
    Our app has been designed to be a real competitor and challenger to other voice enabled assistant apps like Siri, Robin, Skyvi, Jeannie, Sara, Andy, Iris, AIVC and other personal assistants that use voice recognition and support technologies like text to voice/speech (TTS) and online search.

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    Do not give negative ratings, just send us a quick mail and we will fix the problem or gladly implement something new as fast as possible. If you like our app please reward us with a 5 star rating and click the +1 button and support the future development of this app.

    --- Trademarks ---
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    No personal information will ever be stolen from you in our apps.
    The permissions used by this app are required by different commands that need to be executed.

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