Denver Cruise Ride




    It's About The Bikes • It's About The People • It's About The Fun

    Yup, we ride every Wednesday, mid-May thru the end of September Part of the incredible fun of the weekly rides are the connections we've made over the past 7 years. Many of the 'regular' riders are part of the core fabric of Denver's business, social and lifestyle scene.

    The Denver Cruiser Ride offers a unique opportunity to meet up with friends on a weekly basis, not to mention a chance meet a whole cast of characters that come out every week to share in the fun times we have.

    If you are new to Denver, or want to escape the humdrums of your every day life, these Wednesday night rides are a great way to unplug from the florescent lights and cubical jungles, and let your hair hang down and get on your bicycle and spend an evening smiling and stirring up fun.

    Connecting in this case does not mean with drama, a fist or any other type of foolishness. Been there, done that. However, if you can be respectful of your fellow riders, pedestrians, autos and others' personal property, then by all means, join us. If you are unable to control your behavior, adhere to some basic rules of the road, it may be a good idea to find another place to go, or group to ride with.

    The ride has also been labled as the 'hook up ride' by some, and while there are many great times to be had, if you are using this ride as a place to troll for a date or to get laid, we recommend eharmony®, match® or maybe even an escort service or massage parlor for these endeavors. But if you are looking to the ride as a place to meet great people who love to have fun and ride bikes, then by all means, come along.

    Won't you join us?
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    So what ever your online addiction is, we're there. Happy Hump Day!