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    Specify exactly what you want in a movie and get the top movies you want. Say you want to watch an action movie which is unique, has good direction, screenplay, fight sequences and special effects and also has a high comic factor. Just pick the action category from our list of 10 broad categories; then add uniqueness, direction, screenplay etc. as your choices, dial your choices and voila! You have a list of movies sorted in descending order according to the choices you made. Dial M for Movies is the best movie app to find out which movie is right for you and it is absolutely FREE.

    This movie app answers two recurring questions that movie buffs come across – “Which movie should I watch?” and “Should I watch this movie?” Let’s have a look at them.

    Section 1 – Which movie should I watch?

    The question, “Which movie should I watch today?” often comes to our mind. It leads to a lot of internet research and sometimes it takes so much time that we have to abandon the idea of watching a movie altogether. Say bye to all this futile,time consuming activity because Dial M for Movies is here! If you want to watch an action comedy select action factor in comedy genre or vice versa and you will get a list of best action comedies. If you want drama in romance just select romance quotient in drama and the top movies list appears again. And if you want a complex selection then you can select from the 80 plus choices we have for you. It gets better because we have descriptions, five star ratings and many other features. It gets even better because it is FREE. Here is a list of our features.

    * Top Movie lists with a percentage meter which tells you how much each film fulfills the choices made by you.

    * 10 categories to narrow down your search:-
    • Action Movies, Comedy, Crime Thriller, Romance, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror Movies, Sports, War, So Bad It’s Good

    * 7 General choices for your various moods:-
    • Character valuation, histrionics, screenplay, direction, uniqueness, romance quotient, music

    * More than 80 sub-choices in various genres to help you specify exactly what you want in a movie. Example for action:-
    • Fight sequences, thrill quotient, zip zap zoom, body heat, technology quotient, adventure quotient, special effects, comic factor, coolness

    * 6 general tags and many genre specific tags including: inspired by real life, animation/children, satire, zombies and love triangle.

    Get Dial M for Movies, experiment with various combinations and get different top movies list immediately. Download this free app and you will surely agree with us that this is the best movie app ever.

    Section 2 – Should I Watch this Movie
    So a friend has suggested you to watch a particular movie. The one he/she suggested last month was a good movie but last Friday he/she made you watch a movie which really sucked. So you are in a dilemma – “Should I watch this movie?” Dial M for Movies again comes to your rescue. Just do a quick movie search in our database and we will tell you a few things about it that will surely make your decision a lot easier.

    * A description telling you briefly about the movie. No spoilers.

    * A five star rating based on 5 different parameters selected by our critics

    * A light/heavy meter to tell you whether the movie is light or heavy

    * A sign to tell you whether the movie recommendations are worth your time.

    * The director and the actors involved in the movie.

    Download Dial M for Movies now. It's one of the best movie apps you will find. You will discover that it has outstanding features that will cut your movie search time and will deliver the best movies for YOU. It will be the best movie app for you and it is absolutely FREE.

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