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    Best dice roller app, coin flipping app, and dice simulator for Android!
    Roll dice with a shake of your phone, or the tap of the screen. Use this app for dice games, dice gambling, dice physics simulation.
    With Dice Box 3d *Never worry about losing a dice under the couch again!* - See why 5+ users trust Dice Box 3d for d&d dice, dice drinking games and heads or tails coin flips.

    Steven - "Best Dice App! This is without a doubt the best dice app available. Especially for playing D&D and other heavy dice using games."



    * Classic 6 sided dice

    * Accurately modeled DnD dice (D&D Dice)

    * Multiple dice roller, d4, d6, d8, d10, d20, percentage die

    * Single dice roll quick dice roller


    * Coin flipper for use as a coin flip app

    * Shake Phone to do a Dice shake
* Realistic 3d Physics for Dice Probability, anytime!


    * Easy to use with games that need the help of a dice app (dice Game)
* Roll dice app, rolls dice


    Checkout the Premium version (optional). If you like dice rolling, you'll love dice box 3d. No more lugging around a huge dice bag or dice box!

    * Premium Version is Ad Free.

    * Premium Version has enhanced android device features like vibration.

    * Premium Version has updates and features first

    * Premium Version users get personalized issue support, direct from the development team … err, all one of me!

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