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    Published: 2014-02-20, by .

    Roll custom dice and automatically tabulate the total

    • Attractive level of detail
    • Can shake or tap to roll
    • Completely customizable
    • High level of detail makes graphics run slowly on some devices

    "God may not play dice, but I do"

    Whether you're craving Yahtzee or basement tabletop geekery, you need dice galore to make it happen. If you forgot them at home, panic not! Kohlrabi Studio's Dice app is here to save the day and your plans for gaming goodness.

    The array of dice is completely customizable. Select number of sides (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20), color, and level of detail, then toss 'em onto the table. Roll up to 10 distinct dice at at time, either by tapping the button or shaking your device.

    Realistic shadows and sounds plus the shaking-to-roll feature make this dice app a cut above some of the others I've seen. It's attractive, customizable, and easy to use. At the high level of detail, the graphics run a little slowly on some devices, but you can always turn it down a notch.

    Kohlrabi Studio's Dice app is a good backup plan for when you don't have access to tangible dice.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 20, 2014


    'Dice' is a simple and beautiful app, which can be used if you don’t have any physical dice at hand. The app includes all common dice versions, from a regular six-sided dice to the Pen&Paper dice, needed for LARP (live action role playing) games.

    - realistic 3D dice with physically correct behaviour
    - realistic sounds
    - real-time shadow and lighting
    - adjustable image quality (for older devices)
    - simple and intuitive interface
    - display of the full sum
    - dice can be moved
    - dice can be placed in certain positions
    - dice can be removed again
    - shake or press button to roll the dice
    - available dice have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 sides
    - different colours for each dice possible
    - up to 10 dice in one go

    Our main focus was on usability and a beautiful design for the app.
    To achieve this we felt realistic shadows and lighting were vital.
    On older devices the performance may therefore be slightly restricted.

    To use the ‚shake’ feature the device will need a gyroscope.
    Alternatively you can roll the dice via the interface.

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