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    DiceCarbon is a 3D dice roller, truly useful for RPG, D&D. It can also be used for any classical game that requires dices. ( Board games, Divination..etc. )

    DiceCarbon is the Best Companion for your games. (Incredible Graphics, High Resolution and Physics).
    One random rotation is applied before the physics guarantee the fairest result.
    Very simple to use with its toolbox.

    Current features include

    19 Amazing sets of dice (classical, iron, gold, silver, fire, water...etc)

    -D2 [0 :1] (Coin)
    -D2 [1 :2]
    -D4 [1 :4]
    -D6 [1 :6]
    -D8 [1 :8]
    -D10 [0 :9] add value +1 to obtain [1:10]
    -D12 [1 :12]
    -D20 [1 :20]
    -D100 [00:90] add value +10 to obtain [10:100]
    -D100s [00:99] add value +1 to obtain [1:100]
    - 4 Coin
    - 8 slots to save your profiles
    - Subtract or add values to your dice
    - Group your dice to see simplify result
    - Display sum, probabilities and equation of your rolls
    - Choice your display : Portrait or Landscape
    - Incredible special effects
    - Gyroscope
    - Box customization
    - dice size

    Move a dice (drag and drop, double-tape on one dice)
    Roll one dice (swipe dice)
    Roll all dice (double-tape, shake device, charge)

    Tested: Samsung GalaxyTab2, Nexus7. Nexus4...

    Dice Carbon

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