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    The DIG (Dirty Insult Generator) - No Ads

    NOTE: This is exactly the same as the free version, but is Ad free!

    Hit 'The DIG' button and generate 3 levels of insult - hear them spoken in 3 different voice types or send them to one of your contacts via email or SMS. Save your favourite insults for future use.

    Note: A Text to Speech engine has to be installed if you want to hear the insults. These are available from the Marketplace

    Lame - Insults for people with a more discerning nature (profanity free)
    Dirty - Short sharp insult
    D.C. Mode - random abuse!

    You can change the voice type via the Menu button.

    This app is just for a bit of fun, contains profane language so isn't for people who are easily offended.

    The permissions required are used for :-

    Read Contacts (Used to get the mobile number/email address of the person to send the insult to)

    If you have a problem with the app, get in touch and let me know ( or on the D.I.G facebook page so I can fix it. I am happy to have requests for new features sent to me.

    Thanks to LordsOfDogTown, WeinerHotDogs & DutchAaron for their input

    Change List

    1.0 Initial Release


    Added Send via Email option - Allows you to send an insult via email. If the contact has more than 1 email set up then you can choose which one to use

    Removed the intent to try and install a Text To Speech engine if one doesn't exist on the phone

    Added a lot more insults!


    Added different voice types

    Added a lot more insults!


    Added the ability to save your favourite Insults

    Added a lot more insults!


    Increased the size of the buttons

    Added a lot more insults!

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